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Farm Field Trip

Farm Field Trip

I first need to apologize for such delayed blog posts. We had a recent move, are building, things still in boxes, etc. I did however, have an opportunity recently to join a friend on her farm one morning for a field trip she was presenting for two homeschool families. If you have my Cultural Curriculum, lessons on farm and farm animals can be found in Week 32 Days 4 and 5.

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Apple Tasting and Art Mediums

Apple Tasting and Art Mediums

In Week 5 Day 2 of my Cultural Curriculum we talked about another one of the five senses, taste. We then did some apple tasting, talked about the different kinds of Apples. On my Botany 5 lap card I help you to know what to say, like, “Today we are going to talk about apples. There are so many different kinds of apples. During the season of Fall many people go apple picking. It is the time of the year for the apples to be harvested. Let’s look at the parts of an apple. As we look at our cards we will also take this real apple and try to find the parts on it. I wonder how many seeds we will find?”

We then tried three different kinds of apples and learned about our taste buds. Mmmm…

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Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis

Sometimes a child finds something special and wants to share it with their friends in the classroom.  I find this happens if the item they want to share is alive. Perhaps it is a frog they discovered that morning and are excited about it.  They bring it to school and you have a spontaneous lesson on frogs! How wonderful! The children gather and share what they know about the frog. You gather some books and read about frogs. Younger children can draw a picture of the frog as they observe it, and older child may decide to write a story about the frog that visited that day. Continue reading “Praying Mantis”

Started Adding Video to Online Curriculum

So, this past week was a milestone for me, because I finally started to think about how videos can help with teaching, especially if you are now transitioning to online classes. Covid-19 may have started us having to learn about how to teach online, but I was part of a Zoom conference call last week where a San Francisco school is really taking it to another level! I was really impressed by this school, they really worked together, cared for one another, and were even willing to help veteran teachers like me learn more about online teaching – video being a huge part.

So here was a video I quickly put together (well, my husband did the editing) which I added to the Cultural Curriculum Week 31 Day 2. Check it out…

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JustMontessori Introduction Video

This was the first video my husband created for JustMontessori years ago. It was always such a peaceful video for me… something about the growth of the flower and a child’s mind growing resonated with me. Plus, I always liked the metaphor for how my Cultural Curriculum goal was to grow, “…the absorbent mind” in my children. It’s so true, plant the Montessori methods, water them with encouragement, and watch as their little minds grow!

I hope you enjoy it!

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Adding Previous & Next navigation to over 200 pages. Yikes!

As I was going through making changes to the Cultural Curriculum, I noticed it was a real pain having to go back to the main curriculum page to navigate to the previous or next day. I’m so sorry, this must be as frustrating for you as it is for me! So, I am meticulously going through each page again (over 200) and adding arrows to the Previous page and the Next page, based on which day you’re looking at. I am placing i at the bottom of the page because once you’ve reviewed a particular day, this is the most intuituve spot. I am also adding the PDF curriculum link for that set of Weeks/Days, so if you get really tired of the online version, you can buy the PDF version and have it on your device or computer all the time.

Next, you can see how the navigation will look, big and bold!

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Seed Sprouting Jars for Botany

Seed Sprouting Jars for Botany

Even as the school year is coming to a close in the Northern Hemisphere (as I write this), I am already preparing for the next school year. Seeds are such a great illustration of Botany, reproduction, and education. I took pictures of the seeds I have in jars so the children can see how the seeds sprout and grow. This is great, especially now when you can share your screen, if using Zoom, to teach. If you are able to be in the classroom, then you will need to start the seeds a week or so before so the children can see them sprouting.

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