My Montessori Cultural Curriculum is extensive. I have spent thousands of hours meticulously detailing each days activities so that you can focus on the children. The Online curriculum is the most up-to-date, but the PDFs contain the printable Index Lap Cards. Because there are so many different pages, I have tried to categorize the Weeks of Days into a simple seasonal menu: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring. Most days of the curriculum require Membership to view, however you can purchase the individual groups of Weeks in PDF form.

NOTE: Until further notice we will be offering the online curriculum for FREE. However, you will need to sign up. Please forgive any errors, but I am trying to learn this new content management system.

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(Remember, while you can start anywhere in the curriculum, I’ve designed it to build on itself, so things taught at the first of the year build up to things taught later in the year)

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