Practical Life – Autumn

These are some sample ideas of fall themed exercises for Practical Life.  Some of the pictures are also seen in the curriculum pages for lessons on Fall.  

Dry Pouring

Water Pouring

Transfer – Tongs

Transfer – Tongs


Transfer – Tongs (fill the pumpkin with pompoms)

Pouring using a Funnel

Transfer -Spooning

Transfer – Spooning

Transfer – Tongs

Transfer – Tongs

Fall Tree (Velcro on leaves to attach to tree)

Sifting Salt from Rice



Napkin Rolling (felt)

Pouring / Spooning


Pumpkin Scrubbing
Tonging Mini Pumpkins
Sunflower Seed Tweezing/Tonging
Color Sorting
Eye-Dropper Transfer
Eye-Dropper Transfer
Transfer with Tongs
Transfer with Tongs

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