Practical Life – Sample Exercises

Below are pictures of some exercises found in the Practical Life area. They are not in any specific order.

Transfer – Sponging

Transfer – Spooning

Transfer – Tongs

Transfer – Tongs

Transfer – Baster

Ladle Transfer


Color Sorting

Size Sorting

Size Sorting

Key Matching


Squeezing Sponges

Doll Washing

Clothes/Cloth Washing

Toothpick Drop


Table Setting

Packing/Unpacking a Suitcase

Mini Hammering

Silver Polishing

Brass Polishing

Shoe Polishing

Penny Polishing

Manicuring Nails

Rings (an idea from a school I substituted at)

Spools of Thread Display (an idea from a school I substituted at)

Sewing One (up and down practice with threaded needle)

Sewing Two (sewing a button onto a piece of fabric)

Sewing Three (make a bracelet by folding over arrow end and cut a small slit for the button to attach to, buttons are sewn onto the black dot.)

Soap Mixing

Packing Peanuts – Watch Dissolve in Water

Peanut packing material made with corn starch dissolves in water. Children can add one peanut at a time to the bowl, stir , and watch it disappear!

Locks and Keys
Wood Polishing

Montessori Services has a variety of safe polishes for children to use. They are natural and non-toxic, for reasonable prices.

Sifting Salt from Rice
Sifting Salt from Rice
Soap Mixing
Soap Mixing

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Practical Life – Sample Exercises

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