Welcome to My Montessori Curriculum for Children Ages 3-6

Hello! My name is Lisa Good.

For over 30 years as a Montessori Primary Teacher I have been documenting my daily routine, photographing materials I make, classroom activities, materials, and the children. I have refined it all and developed it into My Cultural Curriculum for Ages 3-6. I continue to make my own Montessori materials to complement my curriculum.

The Montessori Cultural Curriculum guide is for 40 weeks (school year minus Summer break) and is available as PDF files. Included are the Circle Time lap cards, book and song references, and a convenient table of contents. It is 200 days of daily details on what to say, how to present lessons, what subjects to consider and how they build from previous lessons, and so many picture examples of materials you can make to complement the Montessori method of teaching. This Cultural Curriculum can be used for 3 years as the child grows older.

You have a lot of work ahead of you, so let’s get started!

Lisa Good

We have discontinued new Online Membership signups due to excessive maintenance requirements. The PDF version is still our strongest option to be used for printing. We are also opening up the online curriculum for previewing before your purchase.

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Take a look at the actual examples of our Cultural Curriculum below (You will find some FREE PDF downloads as a gift in Weeks 1 and 2). Remember, each day builds on the principles of the previous day, so best to start with Week 1 Lessons if you choose to buy. Or, buy all 40 weeks and have a three-year curriculum for your 3-6-year-olds.

Sample Pages

Not sure you want all 40 Weeks? Try out the first 5 weeks.

I love this time of year!

Many teachers and homeschool parents aren’t sure whether to commit to the full 40 weeks Cultural Curriculum. No problem. Try out the first 5 weeks, and, if you decide later to buy all 40 weeks, I’ll give you bonus files.

So, go for it!