Math – Decimal System

The decimal system is introduced in group two of the math materials. Golden bead materials are used to teach such concepts concretely. These activities are designed to make the child familiar with the names of the decimal system categories (units, tens, hundreds, and thousands).

Introduction Tray
Quantity and Numeral Association
Relationship Between categories – teaching ten of one category builds one of the next category

The Exchange Game is a fun way enhance this concept. Play a game of changing ten units out for one ten, ten ten bars are exchanged for one hundred etc.

Nines Tray

Horizontal Layout is similar, only with each numeral you would have that quantity next to it.

Horizontal Layout

If a child is not familiar with the bank, show him where it is and its quantities.

Children begin to gather beads from the bank and combine them. They write out each number individually then as a combined number for example these beads below combine to make 1,345. Start with gathering just two categories (2 tens and 4 units to combine and make 24), then three, and finally using all four categories.

Composition of Numbers

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Math – Decimal System

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