Math – Linear Counting

This section of the math materials introduces linear counting. Quantity is presented using the teen and ten boards followed by symbol and association. The one-hundred board and bead chains develop number concepts and recognition of numbers 1-100. Skip counting is also introduced using the bead chains.

Begin with the short bead stair and nine ten bars only. The first lesson focuses on quantity only. Demonstrate with the beads, saying, “Ten and one more make eleven.” Count out beads. Continue with ten bars and adding the short bead stair bars to each, counting them out. Next present the teen board. Only use tiles and the board. Point to the ten on the board and say, “Ten and one more (slide the number 1 tile in) make eleven.” Continue with remaining tens, with focus now on numerals 11-19.

Association follows using the teen board and bead stair combined. Various works can help to enhance further practice of 11-19 quantity and numerals.

Teen Board Association
Ten Board

Children will then use this board with beads to count from 1-99.

Mixed Tens
One-Hundred Board
One-Hundred Board
Bead Cabinet

Using theses beads, children will work with squares and cubes of numbers.

7 Chain – Square
10 Chain -Square
Five Chain – Cube
9 Chain – Cube
1,000 Chain – Cube

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