Language – Three Letter Words

After the child has worked with blending letter sounds together, they can begin working with the reading boxes. Boxes are organized into three categories: three-letter, four-letter, and multiple phonogram words. The boxes begin with objects and then move onto picture cards just as at the Sound Table. For each group of boxes a card is provided and kept at school to keep track of progress.

Reading Program Record Keeping Cards
Pre-Selected a Box (all of the letters needed to form words are in the box)

Pre-selected boxes e, i, o, and u would follow. Depending on the child, a box may need to be repeated. I will start to encourage children to write the words with pre-selected boxes. Writing the words in little booklets continues with all remaining boxes in program.

Objects and Moveable Alphabet
Pictures and Movable Alphabet
Objects and Words
Mix Boxes
Word Lists
Word Box
Rhyme Sorting
Singular and Plural (add s only)
Sight Words
Sentence Build
Sentence Build with Pictures
Sentence with Picture Cards
Additional Sentence Practice
Book and Worksheets

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