Math – Memorization of Facts

The last group of the math materials contains activities such as the strip boards, snake game, and bead bar exercises. Multiplication and division boards are introduced, along with various charts to help with memorization of facts. The dot game and bead frame are materials that lead to abstract concepts. Fractions,  graphs, clocks, and scales are also some of the mathematical apparatus that provide the necessary stimulation for the child to learn math concepts. This area of the classroom is very impressive!

Bead Stair Addition
Bead Stair Addition
Mini Rods Addition
Snake Game
Snake Game
Strip Board
Strip Board
Strip Board Addition
Strip Board – Ways to Make Ten
Subtraction Strip Board
Multiplication Box
Multiplication Box
Multiplication Box Extension – Designs
Multiplication Board
Multiplication Chart
Division Board
Division Chart

Materials Leading To Abstraction

Bead Frame
Dot Game

Fractions and More

Fraction Skittles
Fraction Insets
Fractions Box

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Math – Memorization of Facts