Week 22 Day 4

Book choices for today:

Stormy Day Claire Henley
Sunny Day Clair Henley

Take Note!

Today can be used to follow up with kinds of weather you would like that you haven’t covered or one that the children enjoyed to expand on further. These are some sample ideas.

Sun Finger Painting
Sun Finger Painting
Weather (shaving cream - baking soda 'snow')
Weather (shaving cream – baking soda ‘snow’)

Music (second circle)

Need for lesson – Carnival of the Animals book with CD and an activity if you would like. Continue listening to the music pieces.

Listening to Music
Listening to Music
Carnival of Animals - Lions
Carnival of Animals – Lions

Additional Works:

Puppets for Carnival of Animals – The book, Carnival of the Animals with CD. Continue listening to the music highlighting instruments being played.

Puppet Theater (livingmontessorinow.com)

Song (CD) choices for today:

Animal Action   Kids in Motion
Land and Water   Learning Through Music
The Water Cycle   Dr Jean
Months of the Year   Greg and Steve
Growing   Hap Palmer
The Five Senses   Dr Jean
All the Animals at the Zoo   Frank Leto
The Story of a Seed   Learning Through Music with Hestia
Weather   Learning Through Music with Hestia