Can I use your curriculum to teach online?

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Yes, some children are now virtually taught due to Covid-19, and will possibly continue. A teacher can use My Cultural Curriculum, but the teacher has to be organized and put a little extra time into some creative preparation before the day’s lesson. Here’s how it would work…

The written “Lesson” itself, found in each Day of the My Cultural Curriculum, can be read or discussed as one would in the classroom. Any pictures, matching cards, maps, etc. needed for that lesson could be held up by the teacher to demonstrate or be shared with a prepared screen, if you have digital files. You would need to find those resources online or keep checking my store as we add new printables.

As an Example: If you’re talking about the continent of Europe, a picture map of Europe would be needed to share on a screen. You can use video conferencing software like Zoom to either hold up your pictures and objects, or use the Screen Share feature.

An example would look something like this (go to Week 3 Day 1 so you can follow along:

Sandpaper GlobeWeek 3 Day 1 in Geography 1 – Globe presentation
Prepare ahead of time – 
  • 2 containers, one with soil and one with water
    (see picture).
These can be held up to the camera to show children while discussing or reading the lesson plan presented.
Prepare ahead of time – 
  • A toy airplane and a globe
A toy airplane and a globe may not be available to you physically, but that’s okay, pictures of these can be shared using Share Screen (if you have a digital file up in another window), or you can hold up pictures or objects in front of the camera.
Lan Air WaterWeek 3 Day 1in Geography 2 – Land/Air/Water
Prepare ahead of time – 
  • Land Air and Water sorting cards (see picture)
  • Pictures of birds (air), clouds (air), car  or sheep (land – they don’t swim), fish (water) or boat (water) and things like these.
  • I also have small bottles with soil, air, and blue water (see picture)
Land air and water sorting cards can be prepared ahead of time so you can display them to the children (found on the internet if you do not have them available to you)
Butterfly JM LogomarkYou can also simply talk to them, using your words, replying to their responses to explain.
If you do have the cards, either in hand or as a digital file, you can share with them either by holding the cards up to the camera, or by sharing your screen.
  1. Show the picture of a fish and ask the child where do we find fish?
  2. The child responds either “land, air, or water”
  3. Have the words, “Land, “Air,” and “Water” in one hand, already prepared to show on a screen or hold up, or you can have a small bulletin board that you show to them and tape or pin their response under the word on board.
  4. Make sure the child can watch you place them under the proper category.  
Any papers or art ideas would need to be emailed ahead of time for the child to have available during or after the presented lesson. There are many online book resources one could also have prepared and ready to enhance any lessons.
Make a list of things the child will be needing each day and send that list to their parents so it is printed out and ready to go for the Lesson.
For the above Lesson in Geography 1, if you’d like them to have a bowl of water and a bowl of soil to touch and feel during the lesson, they just need to know ahead of time.
When presenting Lessons virtually, additional prep time is needed, for both you and the parents, because of the Lessons being much more abstract than presentations given concretely in a Montessori classroom setting.
Things may need to be emailed ahead of time so. In the classroom I would normally be able to have everything ready, but now you will be preparing the child to be ready with some necessary items.
The parents are now responsible to get things ready, if the Lesson calls for it.
Hope this gives a little insight for you who have to teach online.

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