Added FREE Language PDF for All 40 Weeks PDF Curriculum Customers


While it is not part of the Cultural Curriculum, many of you who purchased All 40 Weeks were asking for Language, Math, Sensorial, Practical Life to be available as well. So, I have added, at no additional charge, the Language Area PDF to you accounts for now.

If you haven’t logged into your account in a while, you should. You’ll see the PDF for the Language Area is now available.

In the future I plan to add the Math, Sensorial, and Practical Life areas as well. More value at the same price.

Here is what you get when you order All 40 Weeks, 3 year PDF Curriculum:

  1. Weeks 1-5 PDF
  2. Weeks 6-10 PDF
  3. Weeks 11-14 PDF
  4. Weeks 15-18 PDF
  5. Weeks 19-22 PDF
  6. Weeks 23-26 PDF
  7. Weeks 27-30 PDF
  8. Weeks 31-34 PDF
  9. Weeks 35-38 PDF
  10. Weeks 39-40 PDF
  11. Watercycle Chart
  12. Seasonal Puppets
  13. Sailboat 3-Part-Matching
  14. Parts of a Spider
  15. Language Area (NEW)
  16. …more to come (Math, Sensorial, Practical Life)

I also send you Freebie files as an added bonus through email. All these are used with the Cultural Curriculum!