Week 19 Day 3

Book choices for today:

Four Seasons Make a Year   Anne Rockwell
Calendar   Myra Livingston
Watching the Seasons   Edana Eckart
The Reasons for the Seasons   Gail Gibbons
Our Seasons   Grace Lin
What Makes the Seasons   Megan Cash

Science: (first circle)

Need for lesson – Seasons sorting cards and calendar name cards.

Science 45

We have learned about the 12 months that make up a year. In our long year, we have four parts called seasons. Winter, spring, summer, and fall. There are four season in a year. We start the year with the season of winter, which we are having now. The three winter months are January, February, and March (lay out the month name cards). Next comes spring. The months of April, May, and June are considered the spring months (lay out cards). Next comes summer. July, August, and September. The last season of the year is fall. October, November, and December make up the fall months. Then the season of winter will start again.

What are some of the signs, or ways we know it is winter, spring? summer or fall? Let’s look at some pictures and decide which season they would belong to.

Months of the Year
Months of the Year
Seasons Sorting Cards
Seasons Sorting Cards (MontessoriPrintShop.com)

Additional Works:

Seasons Puzzle – This is a layer type of puzzle. I do not remember where I bought it from.

Seasons Sorting – These were scrapbooking items that I made and added some things to go with each season. The main thing is what the little boy/doll is wearing and some things to go with that season.

Seasons Puzzle
Seasons Sorting
Seasons Sorting


Song of Seasons (from a teacher in California)
First comes Winter cold with snow,
3 months make this season you know
January, February, and also March
In Winter time the weather is harsh.

Next comes Spring with flowers new
Three months welcome Spring in too
April, May, and also June
In Spring time the flowers bloom.

Summers next with grasses green
And 3 more months does Summer bring
July, August, and September
In Summer time it’s hot weather.

Last comes Fall all red and gold
And leaves fall when the cool breeze blows
October, November, and December
are the Fall months to remember.

Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall
Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall
They are seasons, four in all.
Weather changes; sun and rain and snow.
Leaves are falling down and flowers grow
Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall
They are seasons, four in all
Look outside and you will see
Just what season it will be.

Zoology: (second circle)

Need for lesson – Any animal camouflage work you may have.

Talk with the children about how some animal’s fur will change color depending on the season. Why do they think some rabbits fur may be white in the winter and then turn back to brown in the summer? It helps to protect them. This is called camouflage. Demonstrate camouflage work.

Camouflage Work
Camouflage Work

Children match the animals to the picture that would best camouflage them. I found this in an Evan-Moor Science Center book.

Song (CD) choices for today:

The Four Seasons   Seasonal Songs – Macmillan
Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall   Discovery Toys
The Months of the Year   Greg and Steve
Months of the Year   Learning is Fun with Hestia