Week 19 Day 2

Book choices for today:

Antarctica   Allan Fowler
Playing with Penguins and Other Adventures in Antarctica   Ann McGovern
Antarctica Book  Geoffrey Williams

Geography: (first circle)

Need for lesson – A globe, the Continent Globe, pictures of Antarctica, and things for the Continent Table.

Geography 30

Today we are going to talk about Antarctica. Antarctica is an icy continent that covers and surrounds the South Pole. On the Continent Globe it is the white continent, way down here. Let’s find it on this globe of the earth. Antarctica is the coldest, windiest, driest place on the earth. There are groups of scientist that live in research stations so they can explore and learn more about Antarctica. Other people do visit Antarctica usually when it is a little warmer. They may take a cruise ship there to visit and see what it is like. People do not live there all the time. It doesn’t have cities, and stores and roads like we do. It is covered with ice and snow.

Some animals do live in Antarctica. They are mostly found along the coastal areas closer to the water. Many flying birds and several kinds of penguins raise their young along the coast. Other animals that live there area seals and whales can be found in the seas around Antarctica. One of the most important animals that live in the seas around Antarctica is krill. This is what whales, some penguins, and seals eat.

Let’s look at some pictures of Antarctica.

Antarctica Folder
Antarctica Folder
Continent Table - Antarctica
Continent Table – Antarctica

(These are the things I put on the Continent Table. I found the pieces of wax at a craft store, and it happened to be on clearance because it was broken into three pieces!)

This is the continent table featuring Antarctica. I glued white felt and fake snow onto styrofoam pieces and boxes for the iceberg and snow covered 'land area' since the 'wax iceberg' above was no longer usable.
This is the continent table featuring Antarctica. I glued white felt and fake snow onto styrofoam pieces and boxes for the iceberg and snow covered ‘land area’ since the ‘wax iceberg’ above was no longer usable.
Antarctica Tray

One year I didn’t have a table to use, so I decided to make a little tray for the animals. I used styrofoam, fake grass, and paint to make it look like an area of Antarctica.

Additional Works:

Passports – Just a reminder to change out continent stamp so children can keep passports updated with new continent.



Food Chain – Children cut the strips and then make rings and connect to form food chain. it is from Polar Region Activity Book by Edupress.

Food Chain Chart
Food Chain Chart


Penguins on the Ice
The penguins on the ice, the penguins on the ice
Hi-ho the air is cold, the penguins on the ice.
The penguin lays an egg, the penguin lays an egg,
Hi-ho the air is cold, the penguin lays an egg.
The egg hatches soon, the egg hatches soon,
Hi-ho the air is cold, the egg hatches soon.
A baby penguin is born, a baby penguin is born,
Hi-ho the air is cold, a baby penguin is born.
The baby grows up tall, the baby grows up tall,
Hi-ho the air is cold, the baby grows up tall.
The baby swims all day, the baby swims all day,
Hi-ho the waters cold, the baby swims all day.

History: (second circle)

Need for lesson – Pictures or other work showing past and present.

History 6

We have talked about the past, present, and future. There are many things from the past, such as sundials and the hourglass which were very important and useful back then. As time went on, older things began to change or improve to be better. An example is a map. We have looked at paper maps before and learned that they were made to help people to know how to get someplace. They were especially helpful and important to many people in the past. Today what is very helpful to people is GPS. Have you seen your parents use these in your car to help you get someplace? It is so amazing and helpful. It is an example of how something overtime can change, often becoming a better tool for people to use. Let’s look at some other things that have changed from the past to the present or today.

Past/Present Sorting Cards
Past/Present Sorting Cards (MontessoriPrintShop.com)

Song (CD) choices for today:

Land so Far Away   Mr. I. and Gary Q.
Food Chain   Mr. I. and Gary Q.