Week 12 Day 3

Book choices for today:

Mountains   Anna O’Mara
Mountains on Top of the World   David Harrison
How Mountains are Made   Kathleen Zoehfeld

Geography: (first circle)

Need for lesson – Pictures of mountains, plateaus, hills, and plains. The Continent globe and Parts of a Mountain.

Geography 21

We have learned some things about Geography. We already know that the very large parts of blue on our globe are the oceans. We have learned that these large pieces of land are the continents. How many continents are there? If we look on the continents we can see that it can look many ways. We call some of the land ‘plains’. The plains are low flat parts of our earth (show picture). Then when the land goes up and then is flat again, we call that land a ‘plateau’ (show picture). A plateau is flat like the plains but it is higher. Plateaus are high and plains are low.

On the continents, we can find land that is not flat. A ‘hill’ is where the land rises and is usually rounded on the top (show picture). A hill is not as big as a mountain. A mountain is bigger than a hill, and usually is sharp and pointed on the top (show picture). Let’s look at the parts of a mountain.

Sample Mountain Pictures
Sample Mountain Pictures
Parts of a Mountain
Parts of a Mountain (JustMontessori.com)

Additional Works:

Mountain Words – These are from kidsoup.com.  It is a nice work, especially for older children to practice their writing skills.

Mountain Words

Science Extra: (second circle)

Talk with the children about raisins and about how they are from grapes. Ask them which food group they belong to.

Need – A glass, club soda, and raisins.

Pour some club soda into the glass. Add a few cut (just break in half with finger) raisins and wait about 30 seconds to watch them dance. Explain to the children what is happening. The raisins float to the top because the bubbles from the soda stick to the cut side of the raisins making them more buoyant. Once the raisin reaches the top it loses some of the air bubbles and sinks. Then more of those air bubbles stick to the raisins again and they float or “dance” back to the top.

Discuss with the children some of the things we learned in the past few weeks about bubbles and air.

Raisins Dancing Experiment with Bubbles

Song (CD) choices for today:

Let’s Go To Market   Frank Leto

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