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Book on the Shelf

I wanted to share some of what I call, “Books on the Shelf.” As I look at the books to be used in the classroom to enhance a lesson, I try to think how this can be made into a book with props to be available as work choice for the children.  Books with props help children to discover the joy of literature and deepen the understanding of the story. They are fun to put together and the children really enjoy them. I wanted to share some of the one’s I put together over the years.


In the curriculum pages an explanation of fiction and non-fiction books needs to be presented to the children. It can be found in Week 1 of the curriculum pages under the subheading, Library. Throughout the curriculum little reminders about fictional books are made.

I made a little girl prop from the story and gathered the meadow animals found throughout the book.
Book with Props
To make these little crop props I used air dry clay. I found the little baskets at a craft store.
This is the book, ‘My Many Colored Days’ by Dr Seuss. I traced an outline of the body character, colored, and laminated them. I then used felt to make the animals that relate to each color character.
Book with Props
The animals and boy for this was found on Janbrett.com. I made the umbrella and tree for additional props.
I used little a wooden cat and dog from the craft store and painted them to match the animals in the book. The fish are made from clay. I found the small turtles at a craft store as well and made the pond with felt.
The children do this work with a friend. I made little blueberries with clay. One child wears a blindfold while the other child drops blueberries into the pail. The blindfolded child listens carefully to count how many are in the pail.

Other ideas for, ” Books on the Shelf” can be found throughout the curriculum pages. I hope these ideas have encouraged you to make your own books with props!