Week 4 Day 3

Book choices for today:

My Eyes   Lloyd Douglas
Eyes   Cynthia Amoroso
Sight   Sue Hurwitz
Some Kids are Blind   Lola Schaefer
A Picture Book of Louis Braille   David Adler
Guide Dogs   Alice McGinty
Helen Keller   Jayne Woodhouse
Whose Food is This?   Nancy Allen
Pleased to Eat You   Sydnie Kleinhenz

Science: (first circle)

Need for lesson – Poster or model of the eye, braille items such as a book and numbers, the book that matches your braille book, Mystery Bag and a blindfold.

Science 6

Your eyes help you to see. They are like cameras that take a picture and send the picture to your brain. Then your brain tells you what you are looking at. Eyes are two round balls that rest in a hallow in your skull. The black dot in the middle of your eye is called the pupil. (show on the model or poster.) It is really a hole that lets light into your eye. The coloring around your pupil is called the iris.

There are some people whose eyes do not work for them. They are blind. They cannot see like we do. It is very hard to think about what it must be like being blind. Close your eyes and then cover them. Is it really dark? It is like this all the time for those who are blind. Sometimes people are born blind and others go blind because of an illness or because of an accident. People who are blind use their other senses to learn about the world. Some who are blind will use a stick to help them feel their way around as they walk and others may have a special guide dog that helps them to move around. How do you think it is that blind people can read books? They learn to read special books. In these books letters and numbers are made from tiny bumps which stick up from the page. These bumps make a pattern that blind people can feel with their fingertips. This system is called Braille.

Demonstrate braille book and other items. Demonstrate the Mystery Bag using the blind fold. Children can also use blindfold while they feel the pages in the braille book. I like to ask the children why they think the braille book has no pictures.

Braille Book
Braille Book
Braille Book
Eye Chart
Mystery Bag
Mystery Bag


Eyes See – Children can paint a picture of something they are happy to see with their eyes and then glue a pair of wiggly eyes onto their picture.

Eyes Art
Children’s Art

Circle Activity:

Bouncing Balls – (source unknown) Ask children to close their eyes and keep them closed while you tell them a story. Tell them to try and make pictures in their mind while they listen to the story.

You are on the street where you live. You see your neighbors’ homes. You also see a giant yellow ball behind a van coming down the street. It is as bright as the sun! Behind that is a green ball bouncing down the street. It is bouncing higher than the houses! Here comes a blue ball. It is rolling down the street. It is rolling very fast. There is one more ball coming. It is a red ball. It is bouncing toward your house. It has stopped at the front door. It is bouncing against the door! Open the door and you see two letters on the ball. The letters are h and i. These two letters spell the word hi.

Now open your eyes. Who can remember the color of the ball that was as big as a van?

What was the color of the ball that could bounce higher than your house? What ball rolled down the street?

Zoology: (second circle)

Need for lesson – Herbivore, Carnivore, and Omnivore sorting cards

Zoology 3

Boys and girls we know that many kinds of animals look very different from each other. Some are small and others are very big. Some fly some swim. But we learned that all mammals are the same in what ways? Where do some mammals live? Mammals like dolphins and whales that live in the water must breathe air so they have to come up from the water to breathe. What do mammals and other animals eat? Some animals are what we call Herbivores. They only eat plants, or parts of plants. They have short square teeth for eating. Some animals are Carnivores. This means that only eat meat. They have sharp pointy teeth to eat meat. There are also animals that eat both plants and meat. We call them Omnivores.

Sorting Cards (MontessoriPrintShop.com)
Sorting Cards

Song (CD) choices for today:

Five Senses   Frank Leto
Five Senses   Dr. Jean – Kiss

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