Week 37 Day 1

Book choices for today:

A is for Astronaut   Chronicle Books
Rockets and Spaceships   Karen Wallace
Spaceships   Ian Graham
I Want to Be an Astronaut   Byron Barton
If I Were an Astronaut   Eric Braun

Science: (first circle)

Need for lesson – Pictures of a space station, spaceship, and an astronaut with a space suit on.

Science 76

Who likes rockets? Rockets fly in the air but not like airplanes or helicopters. They are much faster and more powerful. They can fly straight up with such force that they pass through the atmosphere into outer space. This helps them to break away from the Earth’s gravity.
Hundreds of years ago, rockets were invented in China. The first rockets were shaped like arrows and they were not very powerful. The shape and power of rockets have changed. A rocket can only take off when a blast of energy forces it to move. The energy is created by some kind of fuel. The gases shoot out of the back of the rocket, pushing it off the ground and up into the air. The push off the ground is called “thrust” and, the rocket is “launched” into the air. When the rocket is launched into the air it is the “blast off!”
A space station is a station in space. It is like a big home, office, and laboratory where astronauts live to find out about space. They explore and do research about space. Astronauts who live on a space station have to learn to live in a place without gravity so objects do not stay where they are placed.
It is the same on a spaceship, there is no gravity so everything floats. When astronauts walk in space, they must use footholds, handholds, and special straps attached to walkways. They have belts attached to their beds to stop them from floating around the space station when they are sleeping. Spaceships take astronauts to space stations.
An astronaut has to wear a special space suit when they leave the spaceship or space station. This special suit lets them breathe and protects them heat, cold, and space debris. A backpack linked to the helmet supplies oxygen and takes away carbon dioxide. The space suit has a radio so the astronaut can communicate with others in the spaceship and on ground control back on Earth. When astronauts have to work on the outside of a space station, they are connected to the station with a lifeline that attaches to their suit to stop the astronauts from floating away.
Do you think it would be fun to be an astronaut and live where there is no gravity out in space?

Space Pictures
Space Card Set

Additional Works:

Astronaut Counting 1-10

Astronaut Numeral Writing 1-20

Space Things – These were a sticker set. I just made them into a work for the shelf. (Place stickers on card stock piece of paper, cut out, and laminate.)

Counting 1-10
Numbers 1-20
Space Things


Rockets  – Using paper towel rolls, provide paper, foil pieces, tissue paper, and paints for children to make their own rocket.

Space Prints – These are stamps used with paint. Children could also add star stickers.

Space Prints

Practical Life:

Color Sorting

Color Sorting

Science: (second circle)

Need for lesson – Astronaut props to use along with poem.

Five Brave Astronauts

Five brave astronauts floated into space.
The first one disappeared without a trace.
The second one somersaulted past the moon.
The third one entered the atmosphere too soon.
The fourth one took off counting ten to zero.
The fifth one landed safely like a hero.

Poem Props

Song (CD) choices for today:

  • Space Adventure   Storytime

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