Week 28 Day 2

Book choices for today:

The Life and Times of the Ant   Charles Micucci
Hey, Little Ant   Phillip M. Hoose
Are You an Ant?    Judy Allen
Inside an Ant Colony   Allan Fowler
Find Anthony Ant   Lorna and Graham Philpot
National Geographic Culturesof the World: Italy   Robert Anderson
Italy’s ABC’s   Sharon Katz Cooper

 Zoology: (first circle)

Need for lesson – Parts of an Ant Card Set.

Zoology 37

We have talked about ladybugs and bees. What kind of invertebrates are they? Insects. An ant is also an insect. Ants are found all over the world, in fact there are over 10,000 species of ants. Ants are social insects and live in colonies. There are three different kinds of ants in a colony. The queen, the female workers, and the males. The queens job is to lay eggs. The queen and the male ants have wings. The worker ants build the mound that the ants live in and supply the colony with food. A colony has soldier ants that protect the queen and defend the colony.

Most ants build some type of mound to live in. They build a system of tunnels under their mound which connect rooms, or chambers used for a specific purpose. Some of the chambers are used to store food and some are for nurseries, and other chambers are used for resting places. Ants eat different foods. Some eat other insects, seeds, or fungus.

Ants have six legs and three body parts. Ants eyes able them to see extremely well. The ants antennas help the ant to hear, taste, and smell. Ants have complete metamorphosis. The baby ant that hatches from the egg is a larva. It has no legs. It has a soft white body and small head. Each larva grows and molts and eventually spins a small cocoon of silk.Inside they are changing into a pupa, then they change to become the adult ant.

Parts of an Ant

Additional Work:

Ant Farm – These can be ordered from Science resources online.


Ants – On a tray is pre-cut ant body part shapes, legs, and labels.

Ant Art


If I were an Ant (by Zane Good)
I crawl across every plant,
Because I am a fancy ant.
My color is… red, or black, or brown.

If you would like to be me,
What color do you think you’d be?
If I was an ant I would be… ______(child fills in color choice)

Ants Work Hard (by Zane Good)
Ants work hard, each and every day.
They don’t have much time to play.
The run around until their dizzy.
That’s ants life, busy, busy, busy.

Geography: (second circle)

Need for lesson – Map of Europe and pictures of Italy.

Geography 44

We are visiting the continent of Europe. This is the country of Italy. Many people like to relax in a piazza. A piazza is a neighborhood square as well as a meeting place for friends. A well or a fountain is often in the center with shops and outdoor cafes surrounding it. The language of Italy is Italian. Some people also speak French, German, and some English. Buon giorno means good day in Italian and Ciao means good-bye.

Some sports that are popular in Italy are cycling, skiing, soccer, and motor racing. Some animals found in Italy are sheep, brown bears, marmots, and lynx. Italy has mountains, volcanoes, and seas. Remember the name of the famous tower people like to go visit in Italy? Leaning Tower of Pisa. The Italian Alps, large mountains, are one of Italy’s most natural attractions.

Some Italian main dishes contain pork, beef, seafood, potatoes, rice, and all kinds of pasta. Pizza is probably the most popular kind of food. The pizza in Italy is made with a thin crust. Gelato is Italian ice cream.

Additional Works:

Pizza Fractions (all from kidssoup.com)
Pizza Game
– Children roll the die to make a pizza first.
Pizza Sequence – The sequence is of making a pizza.

Pizza Fractions
Pizza Game
Pizza Making Sequence

Group Activity:

Make Pizza – Have children make their own individual pizza and enjoy listening to some Italian music while eating.

Song (CD) choices for today:

Balentes (Italy)   Kids World Party
A Visit to Italy   Multicultural Bean Bag Fun
Italian Tarantella   Folk Dance Fun