Week 18 Day 1

Book choices for today:

Now it’s Winter   Eileen Spinelli
Animals in Winter   Henrietta Bancroft
Twelve Days of Winter   Deborah Lee Rose
The Snowy Day   Ezra Jack Keats

Science: (first circle)

Need for lesson – ‘Ready for Winter’ booklets (from The Mailbox Magazine) or a work you may have for winter.

Science 40

Who can tell us the name of the season that is almost here? It is winter. What kind of things are happening to tell us it is winter? The word winter means water, ice, and snow. Long ago people called the season of water, ice, and snow – winter. The first day of the winter season is the shortest daylight time in the whole year. The sun comes up in the morning and goes down very early. Then on the next day of winter, the daylight stays a little longer and each day after that a little longer.

Animals and people get ready for winter. We have been talking about what some animals have been doing. What is it called that some birds do for the winter? Migrate. What about some animals like turtles? Hibernate. Even tiny ladybugs crowd under leaves and logs. Worms crawl up in tiny holes. Frogs and salamanders burrow under rocks and in mud. What are some things your mom or dad may do to get ready for winter?

Ready for Winter Booklet
Ready for Winter Booklet

Additional Works:

Winter Matching Cards

Winter Game – I made this game for two children to play at a time. I just used stickers, and added some roll again, move ahead, or go back spaces and a sled to cross over to the other space.

Matching Cards
Matching Cards
Winter Game
Winter Game

Practical Life:

Gloves and Mittens – Provide a basket of gloves and mittens for the children to practice putting on and taking off.



The Snowy Day
– Have a pre-cut body shape of the little boy in the story. Children can paint a snowy scene picture and glue the boy onto their painting.

Winter Stamping
Winter Stamping
The Snowy Day - Art
The Snowy Day – Art
Winter Art
Winter Art


Winter Time

Icy fingers, icy toes
Bright red cheeks and a bright red nose
Watch the snowflakes as they fall
Try so hard to count them all
Build a snowman way up high
See if he can touch the sky
Snow forts, snowballs, angels too
In the snow so white and new
Slip and slide and skate so fast
Winter time is here at last


When Winter comes with ice and snow,
Where do all the turtles go?
Where go the bugs and frogs?
Down beneath the rocks and log,
Deep into the pond they go
When Winter comes with ice and snow.
Dark and deep
In quiet sleep
They wait and hibernate
Till Spring comes warm with sun and rain
To wake these animals again!

Science: (Second Circle)

Need for lesson – The book “Twelve Days of Winter”.  I also made a work to go with this counting book. This will be a Book on the Shelf work.

"Twelve Days of Winter"
“Twelve Days of Winter”

This photo does not show the book, which may be found at your local library. These are the items that are counted out in the story. A bird house in a Winter tree, 2 teddy bears, 3 penguins, 4 Winter words, 5 gold stars, 6 socks, 7 beads for beading, 8 bells for ringing, 9 worms, 10 holes for sewing, 11 snowflakes, and 12 cupcakes.

Song (CD) choices for today:

Freeze and Melt   Seasonal Songs – Macmillan
Snowflakes   Seasonal Songs

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