Week 13 Day 5

Book choices for today:

Floating or Sinking   Charlotte Guillain
Sinking and Floating   Rosinsky and Natalie
Floating and Sinking   Sue Barraclough
From Cow to Carton   Aliki
Milk from Cow to Icecream   Bertram Knight
Milk to Icecream   Inez Snyder

Science: (first circle)

Need for lesson – Sink and float work.

Science 31

We have learned about different sources of water on the earth. There are oceans, seas, lakes, ponds, and rivers. We talked about how fish use fins to swim in the water and that they have a special organ inside of them that helps them with floating up to the top of the water, and then back down to the bottom. Why is it that some things can float on the water and other things sink in the water?

If you fill your bathtub with water, what happens when you get in? The water rises and some of it may even go over the side. That is because you displaced some of the water with your body and the water had to go somewhere. The key to floating is that the object must displace an amount of water that is equal to its own weight.

Let’s look at some objects and see if they sink or if they float. We can even use a piece of clay and foil to make shapes to discover if the shape of an object makes it sink or float.

Sink and Float

Additional Works:

Sink and Float Sorting Cards – These are from one of the schools I worked at and I am unsure of the source.

Sink and Float – A different set up for Sink and Float work. This also gives you another book option along with an egg experiment from the book.

Sink and Float Sorting
Sink and Float

Science: (second circle)

Need for lesson – Ingredients to make a snack called purple cows. Vanilla ice cream, frozen grape juice concentrate, and milk. Provide soy products for those who cannot have milk. In a blender measure 2 cups of milk, 2 cups of ice cream, and the can of juice. Mix well to make a shake like consistency.

Science 32

We have talked a little about dairy foods. What are dairy foods made with? Milk. Milk comes from cows. How many stomachs does a cow have? What is it called that the cow chews and chews? A farmer gets the milk from the cows udder by squeezing the teats. If a farmer has many cows to milk, he uses a milking machine to do the job faster. After the cows have been milked, the milk is stored in a big refrigerated tank. Everyday the milk in the farmers tank is piped into a tank truck and then taken to a dairy plant. A dairy plant is where all the milk is put into big tanks to keep the milk cold until the workers are ready to clean the milk and get it ready for drinking and making other foods with. Milk is weighed for butterfat. This is the cream that rises to the top of the milk. The most important thing that happens to milk at a dairy plant is that the milk is pasteurized to kill any bad germs that may be in it. At the dairy plant when the milk is cleaned and ready the workers put it into bottles or cartons so it can be shipped to grocery stores. Some of the milk will be used for making other dairy product like ice cream. We are going to make a snack using milk and ice cream today.

Make purple cow shakes.

Purple Cow Snack
Purple Cow Snack

Additional Work:

Parts of a Cow

Parts of a Cow (MontessoriPrintShop.com)

Song (CD) choices for today:

What If   Greg and Steve
How Does A Cow Make Milk?   Ballads for the Age of Science

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