Week 10 Day 4

Book choices for today:

Colorful Illusions   Aki Nurosi
13 Art Illusions Children Should Know   Silke Vry
Amazing Optical Illusions   IllusionWorks

Science: (first circle)

Need for lesson – White card stock cut into circles with a small hole in the middle, red, yellow, and blue markers, and small pencils. This idea is from Science Activities for Young Children.

Science 22

We have learned about primary and secondary colors. What happens when we mix primary colors together?

We also made some colors using vegetables. We used these colors as dyes for our fabric squares. Remember what happened to the food juice colors when we added things like vinegar to them?

We are going to take three primary colored markers and put dots all over our circles. Be sure to make dots with all three of the colors. When you are finished take a pencil and poke it through the hole that has been started for us. What do you think we will see when we spin this spinner? Give it a spin. What is happening with the colored dots?

When the spinner spins, the color dots seem to merge and spread into circles. We made what is called an optical illusion with color. It looks like something other than what it really is!

Card Spinners


Salad Spinner Art – Have construction paper circles cut to fit the size of your salad spinner. A variety of paints watered down a bit. Eye droppers, one for each color paint. Children squeeze paint colors randomly onto the paper inside of the spinner. Spin the salad spinner to make colorful prints of spun out colors!

Salad Spinner Art

Botany: (second circle)

Need for lesson – Any of the seeds you have planted like the avocado seed pit, and a plant that has leaves.

Botany 15

Let’s look at all of the things we have been growing. Wow – seeds are amazing! Do you remember when we talked about seeds?

What is the outside of the seed called?
What does it do when it gets wet?
When a seed begins to grow we call it?
Which way do the roots and the stem grow?
What is the job of the roots?
When a plant uses up all of its seed food, it starts to make its own. Which part of the plant has that job?
Leaves have something wonderful and green inside of them we call?
When chlorophyll, sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide from air, work together to make food for the plant, it is called?

Wow! You all know so many great things about plants.

Additional Work:

Leaf Puzzle – Montessori Materials

Leaf Puzzle


Life of a Plant (Risa Jordan)
A plant will grow from a tiny seed
Some water, soil, and sun is all you need.
First the roots grow underground,
They soak up minerals from all around.
Then come stems, some tall some short,
And next the branches spread all out,
Leaves grow in all shapes and sizes,
Watch this new life as it rises.
Flowers bloom from buds on stems,
They are as pretty as precious gems.
Some plants give us juicy fruit,
Some have food at the root.
And the cycle keeps on going,
Soon new stems and leaves are showing.

Song (CD) choices for today:

Growing    Hap Palmer

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