Butterfly Fun

Butterfly investigation

I have been thinking about some of the things I enjoy doing with the children each school year.

One of them are lessons on insects, with butterflies being a favorite. I order caterpillars each year and we learn about butterflies. I usually order from Insectlore.com. Five caterpillars come in the mail and over the many years I’ve done this it has always proved to be successful. I am going to share some photos from the past, since as it happened this school year due to the virus, this is a lesson we did not get to share in.

Observation Table
Chrysalis Stage
These now get taped to the inside of a butterfly house.
The butterflies have emerged from the chrysalises. We observe them for a short period of time and set a release time.
Observing Emerged Butterflies
Observation of emerged butterflies.
Release day is so much fun!
Release Day
Release Day
What I always find so beautiful is how the children respond. They are always so calm and wait patiently for a chance to hold a butterfly.
Release Day
Release Day
Release Day

This is a great experience for children to be involved in. Be sure to include many additional activities that will enhance your butterfly lesson. Have Fun!