Book choices for today:

Jane Goodall: Friend of the Apes   Mary Lindeen
The Watcher: Jane Goodall’s Life with the Chimps   Jeanette Winter
The Chimpanzee Family Book   Jane Goodall

History: (first circle)

Need for lesson  – Pictures of Jane Goodall

History 8

Raise your hand if you like to watch animals? Maybe you like to watch your pets or the birds in your back yard? When you go to the zoo do you try and sit very still and watch your favorite animal? We can learn a lot about animals by watching them, especially if we are careful not to scare them and just watch quietly. Today we are going to talk about another scientist, named Jane Goodall.
When Jane was a little girl she just loved to watch animals. She would sit in a hen house so quietly for hours, hoping to see a how a chicken lays eggs. She brought earthworms into her bed to see how they moved. She decided she wanted to go to Africa when she was older to study animals. She was interested in learning about apes and chimpanzees. She went to the country of Tanzania where a group of one hundred chimpanzees lived. Every morning Jane woke up very early to climb a hill and look through her binoculars to watch the chimpanzees. The chimps were scared of her for many months, but they slowly came to trust her. After one year, the chimps let Jane come close to them. Jane was able to learn many things about the chimps because she was so close and so patient. She saw them hugging, fighting, and learned the sounds and facial expressions they used to communicate with one another. She also discovered them doing something that was very clever. Chimps like to eat red termites. The chimps would break off long thin twigs or pieces of grass to poke down into holes where termites live. The termites would climb onto the stick and then the chimps would pull out the stick and eat the termites. It is like a fishing pole for termites! Isn’t that clever? Do you think it would be fun to have a job like Jane?


Additional Works:

This can be a fun time to make binoculars using toilet paper rolls. (these are also listed during the unit study on birds, but it is fine to go ahead and make them again if you would like)



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