Week 34 Day 5

Book choices for today:

Carnival of the Animals

Art: (first circle)

Before demonstrating Art, look back over the past months lessons, decide which things you would like to review with the children. Check on your gardens and plants and discuss how they are growing. Review photosynthesis. Go over the seven continents and oceans. Ask what they liked about the different continents. (Antarctica’s many penguins, biomes and animals found in Africa, animals unique to Australia etc.)

Need for lesson – Watercolor paints, white paper, and Epsom salt or table salt.

Have a review of crystals and demonstrate the art activity.

Children can paint flower shapes on the white paper. They then take a pinch of salt and sprinkle it over the wet paint. As the paint dries they can discover the salt crystals in their paintings!

Photosynthesis Review
Animals of Australia

Music: (second circle)

Need for lesson – The book, Carnival of the Animals with CD.

Listen to any music pieces that you haven’t done yet, or listen to those that were favorites.

Listening to Carnival of the Animals

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