Week 33 Day 2

Book choices for today:

Action Jackson   Jan Greenberg
Jackson Pollack   Mike Venezia
Diary of a Worm   Doreen Cronin

Art:(first circle)

Need for lesson – Examples of Jackson Pollack’s paintings

Art 19

Recently we talked about Piet Mondrian. He was an abstract artist. Today we are going to talk about another famous abstract artist. His name is Jackson Pollack. He was an American artist, meaning he was from North America. He isn’t living now but he is remembered as a famous artist. He is described as an “action artist”. Instead of using careful brush strokes, Jackson Pollack dripped, poured, and splattered paint onto the canvas. As he experimented and developed his painting techniques, his painting became even larger and more dramatic. Sometimes he would roll out a very large sheet of canvas onto the floor of his art studio and paint on it from all sides, leaning way over to reach the middle. He even had to step on the canvas sometimes to paint.

When Jackson Pollack was asked about his painting technique, he said that he wasn’t really aware of what he was doing and wasn’t afraid to make changes to the painting because he felt it had a life of it’s own. He wanted to paint action, and if we look at his painting do we see how the paint seems to be active, your eyes can follow the dripping lines. What do you think about his kind of painting?

Pollack Paintings (MontessoriPrintShop.com)


Marble Painting – Provide a variety of paints, paper, marbles, and a bin to roll the marbles around in. Children can create an action painting.

Group Painting – Organize the children into groups and give each group a large sheet of bulletin board paper and paints in bottles to drip and splatter on to create a very large action painting.

Marble Painting
Marble Painting
Marble Painting
Marble Painting

Zoology: (second circle)

Need for lesson – Worms in their container.

Have a review about worms and check your worm habitats to see if you notice tunnels.

Worm Review Lesson

Additional Works:

Diary of a Worm – Book on the Shelf work. I gathered and made some of the items from the story and the children can retell it using the props. Remind the children that this is a fictional story.

Book on the Shelf


Wiggle Worm
Did you ever see a wiggle worm, a wiggle worm, a wiggle worm,
Did you ever see a wiggle worm, move this way and that?
Move this way and that way, move this way and that way
Did you ever see a wiggle worm move this way and that?

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