Week 32 Day 4

Book choices for today:

Living on Farms   Allan Fowler
Fantastic Farm Machines   Cris Peterson
Farm Alphabet Book   Jane Miller
Crops on the Farm   Daisy Griffin
Harvey Potter’s Balloon Farm   Jerdine Nolen
The Carrot Seed   Ruth Krauss

Botany: (first circle)

Need for lesson – Pictures of different kinds of farms.

Botany 33

When you work in a garden, it is important to have proper tools. What are some kind of tools that can help you work in a garden? Rakes, shovels, gloves, a watering can or hose used for watering, hoe, wheel barrow and pruning shears are just some of them. Tools make your work easier to do. What about a farmer who has a very large garden what might they need? A plow, a tractor, and trucks are some of them. There are many different kinds of farms. On some farms a farmer can grow crops such as corn or potatoes. A farm can also be an animal farm with cows, such as on a dairy farm. You can also be a worm farmer! When we talk about cultivating crops or raising livestock like cows or chickens, it is called agriculture. Can you say agriculture? If you were to be a farmer what kind of farm would you like to have?

Even if you have a small garden and grow vegetables you are involved in agriculture. It is important to take care if your garden or farm no matter if it is animals or plants. It is hard work but the work is rewarding. What do you think that means? Let’s imagine that you grew vegetables for other people to buy at a store. You worked very hard to take care of your farm and you grew many delicious vegetables. The people really liked them and wanted to buy more to enjoy eating, how would you feel about your hard work? That is rewarding or satisfying work, when you feel so good inside about what you accomplished.


Additional Works:

Tool Matching – Children match garden tools or can play concentration. (kidssoup.com)

Farm Machines – Use as vocabulary cards or make two sets for a matching work (from Emily Yerington)

Attribute Board – This is a board I made using stickers. The children need to figure out which box the two pictures would belong in together.

Line Tracing – These are from homeschoolcreations.com. Provide tracing paper for the children to use.

Tool Matching
Farm Machines
Farm Machines
Attribute Board
Line Tracing


The Seed Cycle (tune – The Farmer in the Dell)
The farmer sows his seeds…….heigh ho the derry oh..the farmer sows his seeds.
The wind begins to blow……heigh ho the derry oh ..the wind begins to blow.
The rain begins to fall…..heigh ho the derry oh …the wind begins to fall.
The sun begins to shine….heigh ho the derry oh…the sunbegins to shine.
The seeds begin to grow….heigh ho the derry oh ….the seeds begin to grow.
The farmer cuts his grain…..heigh ho the derry oh ..the farmer cuts his grain.
The farmer binds his sheaves….heigh ho the derry oh …the farmer binds his sheaves.
And now the harvest’s in …..heigh ho the derry oh.. now the harvest’s in!

Botany: (second circle)

Need for lesson – The book, The Carrot Seed and art ideas to go with it.

Read the story and ask the children questions about it. Discuss how the little boy felt and other members of the family. Demonstrate activities children can choose to work with.

The Carrot Seed and Activities

The activities are a coloring page of the story sequence, (TeachersPayTeachers.com), a carrot pin-punching, gluing pieces of orange squares to a carrot outline, and 1-10 carrot counting.

The Carrot Seed – Art Activities

Song (CD) choices for today:

Gonna Make This Garden Grow   Raffi
In My Garden   Raffi
Happy Farmer  Henry Buzz Glass
The Farmer Song   Frank Leto

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