Week 29 Day 5

Book choices for today:

Madeline   Ludwig bemelman
Gravity   Joy Frisch

Geography: (first circle)

Need for lesson – The book, Madeline and Madeline Art (dltk-kids.com)

Geography 47

We have talked about the country of France in Europe. A long time ago there was a man named Charles Perrault that was born in Paris. He was an author. What does an author do? He wrote children’s stories. The kind he like to write were fairy tales. The best known of his tales include Le Petit Chaperon, which you may recognize in English as Little Red Riding Hood. Cendrillon is Cinderella, and another one is Chateau Usse which is Sleeping Beauty. So these books that you recognize were actually first written by this man in France a very long time ago and have been rewritten in English, isn’t that neat?

Another man that was born in Austria, another country on Europe, was named Ludwig Bemelman. He wrote this book, Madeline. He wrote this story over 70 years ago! He moved to the United States and this is where he wrote Madeline. He wrote it in English, even though he did know french. He wrote all the Madeline stories. The story is about a little girl who lives in Paris with twelve other little girls that are taken care of by a lady named Miss Clavel. This is the first Madeline story. Let’s read about this little girl.

       Madeline Art

Another story option to add is the book, Madeline in London. You can take some time to talk about London. Children can make a double decker bus for art.

Additional Work:

Felt Board – One of the schools I worked at had this little Madeline felt board.

      Felt Board

Science: (second circle)

Need for lesson – Magnets, paper clips, bowl of water, baster, two soda bottles filled with sand, and two clown cut outs, one with two small metal nuts glued to the hands and the other having only one. (This idea is from the book, ” 474 Science Activities for Children”. The clown picture came from it, but you can always draw one out to use as well.)

Science 70

We have found out that gravity is the force that pulls everything toward the Earth. Do you think that there are some things that can have a stronger force than gravity? What about these magnets? If I put these clips on the mat and use the magnet near them, the magnet pulls them toward it and they attract to the magnet. So if the magnet is strong, its magnetic force is more powerful than gravity. Gravity isn’t able to hold the clips down. The magnet is stronger because it pulls objects up to it even though gravity is pulling them down.

What about suction, do you think it can be more powerful than gravity? This is a baster. We can draw water up inside of it. When we squeeze the rubber bulb and let it go, all the air is forced out and it causes suction, like a vacuum. The water gets sucked up inside. Watch. What is happening, gravity can’t hold down the water. So the suction here is stronger than gravity!

Something else about gravity. It has a center. This is a little clown and he has two small metal nuts glued here where the hands go. We are going him try and make walk the tight rope. (Tie a length of string between two soda bottles, filled with sand) If we put the clown on the rope do you think it will fall off?

These nuts on the clowns hands are pulling the clown down onto the string. The small nuts are the same weight and, because they are in exactly the same place on both sides of the clown, they are evenly balanced. They pull the clown onto the tightrope and let him balance there on his center of gravity. What happens if we use this clown, it only has one small nut. So we discovered that the center of gravity is the point in an object around which its weight is evenly distributed or balanced.

      Gravity Activity

       Gravity Activity

Song (CD) choices for today:

Gravity   Caterpillar Music