Week 22 Day 1

Book choices for today:

Who Will Plant a Tree   Jerry Pallotta
The Alphabet Tree   Leo Lionni
The Tree Book   Gina Ingoglia
Meeting Trees   Scott R. Sanders
The Story of the Orchestra   Robert Levine

Botany: (first circle)

Need for lesson – Have a variety of things we get from trees; piece of wood, pencils, nuts, apple, coffee, book, medicine, shampoo, bottle corks, tea, syrup,etc.

Botany 21

We have learned that we get many things from plants. The cotton plant helps to have yarn and fabric to make clothes with. The Aloe Vera plant provides a gel type liquid that is used for lotions and juice. Trees are also a plant that provides us with many things. We talked how paper is from trees. Paper is something that can be recycled to make more of it and help save some trees. In this basket are some of the things that we get from trees. We get food from trees like apples, nuts, olives which can be made also into oil. Some spices like cinnamon and maple syrup come from trees. We also get wood from trees. Wood has many uses. We can build furniture, houses, guitars, and even burn wood to cook food over or to keep warm with. Do you think all these thing are helpful and important? So trees are very important plants.

How else are trees helpful? How do they help animals? Many animals make their homes in trees. So trees provide shelter for animals. What is that gas called that trees give off into the air for us to breathe in? Oxygen. Can trees be helpful to people in other ways? Some children like to climb and play in trees. What about making a tree house? Trees are so wonderful. They provide a nice cool place people to sit under and enjoy the shade a maybe a cool breeze in the Summer time! What about the planting of trees, do you think that is important to do? Yes. In fact there is special day during the year that is called Arbor Day. This is a day when many people plant trees. It is in the month of April. What is something you like best about trees?

Trees Give Us
Trees Give Us


Tree Drawing – Provide paper and pencils for children to draw trees. Go outside and sit under a tree and look up into the leaves and branches. Children can choose the place they would like to sit and draw their picture. Under it, next to it, in it, or at a distance looking at it.

Music: (second circle)

Need for lesson – A brass instrument if possible, the book “The Story of the Orchestra”, CD player, and pictures of brass instruments.

Music 5

We have been talking about different kinds of instruments. We learned about the family of string and woodwind instruments. Can you tell me something about these instruments. Now we are going to talk about the family of brass instruments. The brass family got its name because all of the instruments in it are made of brass. Let’s look at some kinds of brass instruments. Brass players use their breath to produce sound. Instead of blowing into a reed, the player vibrates their own lips by buzzing them against a cup-shaped mouthpiece. The mouthpiece helps to amplify or make louder the buzzing of the lips to creates the sound. A player presses down on the valves or buttons on the instrument to change the pitch and sound.

The brass instruments in the orchestra include the trumpet, French horn, trombone, and the tuba.

Demonstrate your instrument and if possible allow children to try it.

Brass Instruments
Brass Instruments

Discuss the brass instrument section with the children and play cd tracks of choice.

Additional Work:

Coloring Pages

Brass Instruments - Coloring
Brass Instruments – Coloring

Practical Life:

Brass Polishing

Brass Polishing
Brass Polishing

Song (CD) choices for today:

So Many Things That Grow   Hap Palmer
There are Many Pretty Trees   Ella Jenkins