Week 21 Day 2

Book choices for today:

Animals in Disguise   Anita Ganeri
Hard to See Animals   Allan Fowler
A Bed for the Winter   Karon Wallace
Under the Snow   Melissa Stewart
The Story of the Orchestra   Robert Levine

Zoology: (first circle)

Need for lesson – Winter Animals and Bird Feeding work for Practical Life. Pieces of bread that are a hard to be grated, grater, bowl, and brush. A place outside to feed the birds. You can also string things such as popcorn, cranberries, and apples to hang outside.

Zoology 29

We have talked about what some animals do in the winter. There are those that migrate, hibernate, and some stay active. Can you tell me some animals that are hibernating now that it is winter? Bears, snakes, frogs, and some bugs are in a deep sleep now. What about animals that have migrated? What does it mean to migrate again? Some birds like geese migrate, they travel to places that are warmer where they can find food. Some butterflies, whales, and fish also migrate. What are some animals that stay active? Mice, rabbits, deer, and squirrels are some of the animals that stay active. Sometimes an animals fur grows thicker in the winter so they can be warmer. Other animals fur will actually change color in the winter. As the seasons change the Arctic fox changes the color of its coat. In the spring and summer it has a dark coat to match the dirt in its environment. In the fall and winter it turns white, to match the surrounding snow. The snowshoe hare is another animal whose fur changes color from the summer to the winter. This helps the animals to blend in with their environment, which helps to protect them from other animals. Animals that blend in with their background are camouflaged. They are sometimes hard to see because they blend in so well with their surroundings.

Animals that stay active like the Arctic fox, snowshoe hare, some birds, deer, and others have to search hard to find food in the winter. Why is it hard do you think? We can help to feed some animals like birds. We are going to grate some bread crumbs to feed the birds with outside.

Animals In Winter Sorting Card Set
Animals In Winter Sorting Card Set (MontessoriPrintshop.com)
Bird Feeding (Grating Bread for Crumbs)
Bird Feeding (Grating Bread for Crumbs)


When winter comes with ice and snow,
Where do all the turtles go?
Where go the frogs and polliwogs?
Down beneath the rocks and log,
Deep into the pond they go
When winter comes with ice and snow.
Dark and deep, in quiet sleep
They wait and hibernate
Til spring comes with warm sun and rain
To wake these animals again!

Music: ( second circle)

Need for lesson – A stringed instrument, the book “The Story of the Orchestra”, CD player, and pictures of String Instruments.

Music 3

Today we want to talk a little about the string instruments. These are musical instruments that produce sound from vibrating strings. Common instruments in the string family include the violin, guitar, banjo, harp, electric bass, and the cello. These strings of these instruments are plucked or used with a bow to produce sound. Let’s look at some string instruments. We call it a family or group of instruments because they are often made of the same type of material, usually look similar to one another, and produce sound in comparable ways. What do you think it is about string instruments again that make them all a part of one family of instruments?

Now the string family of the orchestra is the largest group of instruments played in the orchestra. They are the violin, viola, cello, double bass, and the harp.

Demonstrate your string instrument and allow children to have an opportunity to try it.

String Instruments
String Instruments

In the book highlight the string instrument section. Play the tracks you would like to have the children listen to and that you want to discuss. Tracks that enhance the string instruments are listed on the pages of the string instrument section.

Additional Works:

Coloring Pages

String Instrument Coloring Pages
String Instrument Coloring Pages

Song (CD) choices for today:

Fly Down South    Animals – Macmillan