Week 20 Day 4

Book choices for today:

Windy Day   Jennifer Burke
Corey’s Kite   Hannah Roche
Blown in the Wind   Jon Muth
Where Does the Wind Blow   Cynthia Rink
Boo and Baa in Windy Weather   Olof Landstrom

Science: (first circle)

Need for lesson – 2 clear plastic containers (peanut butter jars work well), ice water, hot water, and food coloring. Add the food coloring to the hot water. Remove any ice from the jar before experiment and only fill jars about half way with water.

Science 48

We talked about the many kinds of weather that we experience during the four seasons. The seasons each have their own type of weather. What is it like in the winter? How about the summer? Something that can be felt in all four seasons, is the wind. Windy weather can happen in summer, winter, fall, or spring. How do we know it is windy since we can’t see it? We see the effects of the wind blowing the trees and we can feel the wind.

What makes the wind? We are going to try an experiment to help us understand why we have wind. We have two jars. One is filled with cold water, and the other one, that is colored blue, is hot water. Feel the hot jar and the cold jar. We are going to pretend that the hot water one is hot air, and that the cold water is cold air. We are going to pour the hot water into the cold water and watch to see what happens. Watch how the blue hot water moves.

Cold water and cold air are heavier, and hot water and hot air are lighter. The cold water and air sink downward, and move under the hot water and hot air. When the cold water pushes down under the hot water it makes the hot water or heated air push upwards. When this happens in the air outside it happens very, very fast. Cold air rushes under hot air and the hot air billows up very quickly. Remember we learned about the sun and how it causes the weather, this is what is heating up the air in some parts of the earth, which makes the wind that we feel.

Hot & Cold Experiment
Hot & Cold Experiment

Additional Works:

The Wild Wind Poem – This is a poem from the book, “474 Science Activities.” It is also the resource for the science experiment above. I made it into a work for the poem basket or poem tray.

I went walking one fine day,
The wind was strong that gusty day.
It blew my hair right in my face,
Leaves whirled and swirled, most every place.
I listened to it howl and wail,
That wild, windy, gusty gale.

Wind Poem
Wind Poem


Pinwheels – Children can color square pieces of card stock paper and then cut, fold, and glue them into a pinwheel shape. A pencil with a pushpin are used to put it together.

Pinwheel Art
Pinwheel Art

Spanish: (second circle)

Learn some types of weather in Spanish.

I made this weather matching card set. The black and white English word cards are from a Science workbook and I just made the colored cards with paper and stickers.

Spanish Weather Words
Spanish Weather Words

Song (CD) choices for today:

Mr. Wind is a Mischief   I Have A Song for You
Hear the Wind Blow Blow   I Have a Song for You
Blow Winds Blow   Seasonal Songs