Week 16 Day 2

Book choices for today:

The Artist Friends   Allison Barrows
Adventures of Riley   Amanda Lumry

Artist: (first circle)

Need for lesson – Impressionism Art Postcard set

Art 7

We have talked about some famous artist from long ago. We learned about the artist Cezanne and his still life paintings. Remember the artist named Frida Kahlo from Mexico. She painted many self-portraits. Today we are going to talk about a kind of art. It is called Impressionism. Impressionism is a light, spontaneous way of painting which began in the country of France. France is a country in Europe, the red continent on our continent globe. Impressionist artist found a lighter and brighter way of painting. They chose to paint simple scenes from everyday life such as water lilies floating in a pond, a haystack, or a mother and child in the shade of a tree. Many Impressionist artist painted outdoors rather than in a studio. They would paint an impression of their subject rather than details. Let’s look at some of these paintings and the artist who painted them.

Demonstrate the Impressionism Postcards and discuss the names of the artist who painted the pictures. Point out how the painting aren’t detailed, but have a soft look to them.

Artist Card Set
Artist Card Set (MontessoriServices.com

Additional Works:

Painting – Provide a space or an easel for children to paint something outdoors. Water colors will give a softer look. Explain that before when we painted a picture, we usually drew the outline first with a pencil. Today we will just be using paints to give us an impression, or idea of the subject we are painting and not details.

Mini Easel Painting
Mini Easel Painting

Geography: (second circle)

Need for lesson – Plants, animals, and places of Africa .

Talk with the children about the animals, places, and plants that are common to Africa, using the picture cards. You can also talk about the many different languages spoken in Africa. Some are Afrikaans, Swahili, Arabic, and English. Learn to count up to ten in one of the languages and count with the children.

Africa - Plants, Animals, Places
Africa – Plants, Animals, Places (MontessoriPrintShop.com)

Additional Work:

Animals of Africa (Montessori catalogs)

Animals of Africa Booklets – (MontessoriPrintShop.com) These are made into little booklets, I left them unstapled for you to see the animals. I also made a list of the animals for children to use as they write the names of the animals in the booklet.

Animals of Africa
Animals of Africa
Animals of Africa Booklets
Animals of Africa Booklets


Beaded Necklaces – Provide a variety of beads for children to make necklaces.

Africa Necklaces
Africa Necklaces

Song (CD) choices for today:

I Can Be An Artist   Famous Artist
Counting in Swahili   Ella Jenkins

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