Book choices for today:

Drinking Water   Schuh & Mari
A Cool Drink of Water   Barbara Kerley
Water Water Everywhere   Cynthia Overbeck
Water Water Everywhere   Melvin Berger
The Umbrella   Jan Brett
Journey of the Red Eyed Tree Frog   Jordan Tanis
Edward in the Jungle   David McPhase

Science: (first circle)

Need for lesson – Cucumber slices, brown sugar, spoon, meat tray or other shallow container, eye-dropper, small bowl of water, fresh basil or parsley, and dried basil or parsley. For the additional work, you will need a tray with sugar cubes, eye-dropper bottles with colored water (2-3), paper cups that have the tops cut off to make more of a small bowl.

Science 36

We have talked about the water sources that are on the earth. Where can we find water? Oceans, ponds, and lakes are some of the places. What do we call it when the water goes around and around? The water cycle. We have talked about the many foods we need to eat from the food groups. Our bodies also need water. It is important that we drink water often throughout the day. We need to stay hydrated. Hydrated is something with water in it.

This is fresh basil. This is dried basil. They are both the same thing. What is the difference? This fresh parsley, is hydrated, it has water in it. This dried parsley, doesn’t have any water in it. It is called dehydrated. The water has been taken away. Sometimes people can get dehydrated. If you walked in a hot desert for a long time, you would sweat and get thirstier and thirstier. Your body would get dehydrated if you didn’t drink any water. It is important for our bodies to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

We have some cucumber slices. These are hydrated, the water is inside of them. I am going to put a spoonful of this brown sugar on top of the slices and see what happens. The sugar is going to absorb the liquid water inside of the cucumber. Absorb means to soak up. The sugar soaks up the liquid from the hydrated cucumber. When the water is taken out of the cucumber what will it be called then? So work hard to keep your body hydrated to not become dehydrated.

       Hydrate/Dehydrate Experiment

Additional Works:

Sugar Absorbs Water – On a tray provide the cut paper cups, eye-dropper bowls of colored water, sugar cubes, and a sponge. Children can build a sugar tower with four sugar cubes inside of a cup. Using the colored water, squeeze water drops around the bottom of their cup. The sugar tower will absorb the water.


Geography: (Second Circle)

Need for lesson – Pictures of a rain forest and/or animals that are found in the rain forest and the book The Umbrella.

       Rain Forest (Creative Teaching Press – Habitats)

Talk with the children about some of the animals found in a tropical rain forest and which layer they live in. Read the book, The Umbrella. I found these characters from the story on I colored them and also made a tree and umbrella for the work. This story will be the Book on the Shelf work.  Reminder about fictional stories.

      The Umbrella

Additional Works:

Rain Forest Bingo – These are from
Rain Forest Puzzle Game – From

      Rain Forest Bingo

     Puzzle Game


Rain Forest Animals – This is from and

Jaguar Puppets – Children can color the jaguar and add spots. The body outline is from

      Rain Forest Animal Booklet

     Rain Forest Animals Booklet

      Jaguar Art


I live in the Rainforest (by Zane Good)
I live in the rainforest,
says the butterfly so free.
I try not to land too long,
so lizards don’t eat me.

I live in the rainforest,
Says the jaguar so sleek,
I hunt at night,
and like water or trees.

I live in the rainforest,
says the spider monkey up high.
I live in the canopy,
using my tail to help me fly.

I live in the rainforest,
says the parrot in a tree.
I eat fruit and nuts,
with my powerful beak.

Song (cd) choices for today:

Cool Water
Exercise – Janet & Judy