Week 11 Day 3

Book choices for today:

A Tree is a Plant   Clyde Robert Bulla
Have You Seen Trees?   Joanne Oppenheim
Be a Friend to Trees   Patricia Lauber
A Tree is Nice   Marc Simont
Trees    Joy Richardson
Big tree Down!  Laurie Lawlor
Have You Seen Trees?   JoAnne Oppenheim
South America   Karen Bush Gibson
Explore South America   Molly Aloian

Botany: (first circle)

Need for lesson – Pictures of Trees, Parts of a Tree, and a basket of things we get from trees.

Botany 16

We have been talking about seeds and the parts of a plant. There are two major groups of plants. There are plants with flowers and plants without flowers. There are so many types. We are going to talk about trees today. Trees are a kind of plant. There are both kinds of trees, those with flowers and those without. A tree is a woody plant. Some names of trees are oak, apple, sycamore, beech, elm, maple, and pine trees. The list is very long of tree names.

Trees give us many things. We can keep cool with a trees shade. Trees provide wood for building homes and furniture. Trees give us food like fruits and nuts. Tree leaves do their job to help us breathe. Do you remember what that part of air is called that we get from leaves? Oxygen. Trees are also a home for some animals. Can you think of an animal that lives in a tree?

Tree Lesson Options
Trees (MontessoriPrintShop.com)
Parts of a Tree
Things from Trees
My husband made this card set for me to use with the song, “Many Pretty Trees All Around the World” by Ella Jenkins. During the song I will hold up the picture card showing which tree we are singing about. It is a really a nice song.

Additional Works:

Trees – These are from a craft store.

Tree Matching – These are made with stickers.

Tree Picture – This is just a picture of a tree cut into four pieces.

Tree Matching
Tree Puzzle


Plant a Little Tree
Every little tree
Every little tree grows up some day,
If it has some sunlight, and some water,
and someone to keep the weeds away
Every little tree will grow and grow
So plant a little tree,
And in a year or so there will be a shady spot below.

Elm trees stretch and stretch so wide
Their limbs reach out on every side
Pine trees stretch and stretch so high
They nearly reach up to the sky
Willows droop and droop so low
Their branches sweep the ground below

(children act out poem – arms stretch out wide, up high, and then bend over to lower them)

Geography: (second circle)

Need for lesson – Montessori Map of South America, pictures of South America, two small balls: one football and the other one soccer, and a picture of a Monkey Tree. (check your local library for one)

Geography 20

Looking at our Map of South America, this country is Chile. It has along ribbon-like shape. The most popular sport in Chile is football. It isn’t the kind of football that we know. We call our sport with this kind of ball football. In Chile they use this ball, a soccer ball, and play what is called for them football. So we call it soccer, they call it football.
This morning we talked about trees. The national tree of Chile is called a Monkey Puzzle Tree. Isn’t that a funny name for a tree? This is what it looks like. The leaves are dark green, stiff, with sharp needles that cover the limbs, or branches of the tree.

South America Pictures (MontessoriPrintShop.com)
Monkey Puzzle Tree Picture (Library Book)

Additional Works:

South America Map – Children can use the Montessori Map to make their own S.A. map or color in a printed map.

Flags of South America – Review some of the names of the countries in South America, showing the children the flag of that country.

South America Map
South America Map
South America Flags

Song (CD) choices for today:

What If   Greg and Steve
Growing    Hap Palmer
Tree Fell Down  Hap palmer
Many Pretty Trees  Ella Jenkins
Tree Dancin’  Tickle Tune

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