Week 11 Day 1

Book choices for today:

Eating Right   Alice Ginty
Eating Healthy   Valerie Bodden
Food Parade   Elicia Castaldi
South America   David Peterson
South America    Allan Fowler

Science: (first circle)

Need for lesson – Four food group posters/pictures, and food group vocabulary cards

Science 23

Food is what we eat to keep us healthy, strong, and growing. There are four main food groups (show posters/pictures). If we only ate foods from this group, the dairy group, could we stay healthy? What if we only ate fruits? We need something from every food group to be sure we get the good nutrition our bodies need to grow and stay healthy. The four main food groups are; Dairy, Protein, Vegetable-Fruit, and Grains. Foods are grouped like this because of the nutrients they contain and the similarities they have. It reminds me of vertebrates. All those animals had to be separated into groups also. We are going to be learning about these food groups one at a time. For today we want to think about, the four main food groups. What are they again?

These are cards that have pictures of different foods that you would find in each group. You can look at the pictures and see which foods are a part of a certain group.

Food Group Posters
Food Group Posters
Food Group Cards

Additional Works:

Food Puzzle Cards – These are some cards I got a long time ago from the Arizona Dairy Council.

Food Puzzle Cards

Geography: (second circle)

Need for lesson – Montessori Map of South America, continent globe, pictures of South America, and items for the continent table.

Geography 19

Our continent table has changed. We are now going to visit South America so remember to stamp your passports. Let’s first find it on our globe? This is the map of South America. Some of the countries in S.A. are Chile (take out each country piece of the map), Brazil, Columbia, Argentina, and Venezuela. The world’s highest waterfall is in Venezuela. It is called Angel Fall. One of the world’s longest rivers is found in South America. It is the Amazon River.

Spanish and Portuguese are the most spoken languages in South America. Some animals in South America are llamas, anacondas, jaguars, and tapirs. Some areas of South America are desert, grasslands, forest, and mountains.

If we look back at our continent globe, South America is mostly in the Southern Hemisphere. Remember that means it is below the equator. Where we live now, in North America, the Northern Hemisphere, it is Fall time. In South America the are having Spring! Places below the equator have opposite seasons from the places above the equator.

Look at some of the pictures of South America.

South America Map
South America Folder
Continent Table
South America Card Set

Song (CD) choices for today:

Eat Good Food   Exercise – Janet Judy
Go Nutrition Go  Exercise – Janet Judy
Four Basic Foods   Exercise – Janet Judy
Healthy Body   Healthy Body – Macmillan

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