Starting the new school year – Some Thoughts

Take Note!

Preparation is always the key to staying ahead of the curriculum. Below I share some thoughts on how that goes for me, the things I think about, and how I organize the room and materials. Remember, I make a lot of my materials for works, so I have to stay organized. I have a lot that I can keep from year to year, but if you’re just starting out, you’ll have a lot of prep to do! Don’t stress, just do what you can.

The new school year is upon us. You need to take time in preparing the Montessori environment for the beginning of the new year, especially if you will be using my curriculum. So many materials are custom made by me, as a compliment to the Montessori classroom environment. I find many schools provide the actual Montessori Materials, but I bring them to life in the works on the shelves.

I don’t work over the Summer, so when I leave at the end of the last school year, I take my materials home with me for the Summer. That means, that I now need to bring some back with me to start the new year. So, I go back with bags and boxes of materials, plants, and the classroom animals. My husband’s truck is filled to the brim with all my stuff.

I first need to rearrange the Language area of the room. Before I leave for the Summer, I thought I’d move the Sensorial area over next to the Math area. We needed a new after school care shelf, so my husband and I had to buy one. I must say, I am very pleased with the one we chose. So, the setting up of that being done the Language area can now be prepared. I also need a new rug for the Language area and bought one along with the shelf. However, after thinking about it, the new rug, I mean, I just wasn’t happy with it. So, before heading out, I pulled up the rug from our family room and through it the back of the truck for the Language area. I felt much better about having that rug! Funny how the little things can weigh on me, but ultimately make all the difference.

I made my Language Program so all that I need to do is set it up once I’m in the classroom (If you are an Online Member you will have access to see how I organize my shelves). I clean the shelves, trays, and materials as I set up each area. Math, Botany, Science, Zoology, Geography, Sensorial, and Music/Spanish areas are next to be completed. I work on the Practical Life area on another day and finish with the Art shelf. Adding plants and animals (gerbils, fish, crabs, etc.) just brought the room together. I feel good about how the environment looks when I’m done, such a sense of accomplishment. It has a simple, clean, fresh, and orderly feel to it.