Adding Previous & Next navigation to over 200 pages. Yikes!

As I was going through making changes to the Cultural Curriculum, I noticed it was a real pain having to go back to the main curriculum page to navigate to the previous or next day. I’m so sorry, this must be as frustrating for you as it is for me! So, I am meticulously going through each page again (over 200) and adding arrows to the Previous page and the Next page, based on which day you’re looking at. I am placing i at the bottom of the page because once you’ve reviewed a particular day, this is the most intuituve spot. I am also adding the PDF curriculum link for that set of Weeks/Days, so if you get really tired of the online version, you can buy the PDF version and have it on your device or computer all the time.

Next, you can see how the navigation will look, big and bold!

Go Back 1 Day
Previous Day Link
Go forward 1 Day
Next Day Link

I sure hope this helps you! It takes so many hours to update all the days, but I want it to be easy for you and me to be able to navigate the Cultural Curriculum Days. I am making good progress, and started with the current Northern Hemisphere part of the curriculum we are currently in, but PLEASE be patient with me. Some have emailed me and are very nasty. Please speak kindly… that is the Montessori way.