Online or PDF Cultural Curriculum? A Comparison.

Choose the Option Best Suited to Your Needs

It’s important to evaluate which version of the Cultural Curriculum best suits your needs.

The Online Curriculum will be the most frequently updated with new content, while
the PDF curriculum doesn’t require Internet access once downloaded.

Evaluate the comparisons below before you make your purchase.

Online MembershipDownloadable PDF Files
All 40 Weeks Cultural Curriculum
Daily Circle Time Lessons
Printable Lap Cards
Clickable Page Navigation
Clickable Table of Contents
Able to Print
Access to Language, Math,
Sensorial & Practical Life
Picture Examples of Lessons
Book Recommendations
CD Recommendations
Songs and Poems
Online MembershipDownloadable PDF Files

Please be sure to evaluate your Curriculum preference before making a purchase.
Once you download any file from the PDF Cultural Curriculum NO REFUNDS are given.